Jianguo Liu                   President
Jian Zhang Board Chair
Jenny TangVice Board Chair
Helen Bao
 Vice President, Membership Committee  Chair 
Lucy ZhangVice President,   Culture & Arts Committee Chair
Lan Mo
Secretary, Sports Committee Chair
Nina Chen
Communication & Public Relations Chair 
Meng Li
Resource Development Chair, News Report
Peizhi Li 
Activity Committee Co-Chair
John Chen 
 Public Relations Co-Chair   
Winnie Knapp
Activity Committee Co-Chair
Wen Xiao 
Chelsea He
Membership Committee Co-Chair
Chunyang Wu 
Board Director
David Wang
 Board Director
David Chen
Board Diector 
Hong Yu
Board Director/ Aiyue Choir Director








Our team

Chinese American Association of Charlotte


Our missions 

  • To promote communications and cultural exchanges between the Chinese Americans and local communities in the greater Charlotte area.
  • To plan, organize and sponsor social, cultural, educational and recreational events or programs of interest to our members and local Chinese community in general.
  • To provide resources to assist Chinese Americans, particularly new residents and immigrants, to assimilate them into the greater Charlotte community. Advise local government on affairs of interest to the Chinese community, and to encourage participation by Chinese Americans in public affairs and decision making process.
  • To support and sponsor events to promote good fellowship and awareness of the Asia Pacific region by working cooperatively with local ethnic organizations.