Winnie Knapp                   President
Jason Chen Vice President
Jianguo LiuBoard Chair
Jian Zhang
Board Director 
Jenny TangVice Board Chair
Helen Bao
Membership Committee Chair
Lucy Zhang
Culture & Arts Committee Chair
Nina Chen
Communication & Public Relations Chair
Meng Li 
Resource Development Chair, News Report
Peizhi Li
Activity Committee Co-Chair
John Chen
Public Relations Co-Chair
Wen Xiao 
Chunyang Wu
Athlete Committee Chair
David ChenActivity Committee Co-Chair
Hong Yu
Aiyue Choir Director
Carmil Wang
Marketing Director

Our Team

Our Mission

  • To promote communication and cultural exchanges among Chinese Americans and local communities in the Metro-Charlotte area.
  • To promote participation by Chinese Americans in public affairs and community decision making in the Metro-Charlotte area.
  • To advise local government and communities on affairs affecting Chinese and Asian Americans.
  • To organize and sponsor social, cultural and educational events that are of interest to the association members.
  • To assist Chinese Americans, particularly new residents or immigrants, in learning the English language and in assimilating into local communities.